Do you know Car Horn’ s histroy?


There is such a part on the car. It can save lives, express emotions, and of course it can also wake up your neighbour in mid-night.

Although this small part rarely becomes the reference condition for people to buy a car, it is the earliest in the development of automobiles.

One of the parts that appeared in the car and has continued to this day.

If you drive a car now, maybe navigation and music are the most commonly used car configurations.

But at the beginning of last century, if there was no horn on the car, it could be devastating.


In the early days of automobile development, most of the travel still depended on carriages because of the low car ownership at that time.

Therefore, cars need a medium to communicate with people. This medium is the horn.

In those days, if you met someone who didn’t honk while driving, it would be considered rude. You need to pass.

Sound the horn to let pedestrians know you exist, rather than silently following them.

This attitude is just the opposite. Now if you honk at people casually, you are likely to be scolded.


Another kind of accident is that on certain specific days, whistling has a meaning of respect or commemoration.

For example, in some cases of silence, people will press the whistle for a long time to express their grief, indignation and sacrifice.

The horn became a form of communication.

Later, with the continuous increase of car ownership, more and more people began to own cars, and car horns gradually evolved into a communication medium between vehicles.

When you drive your vehicle through some narrow areas or areas with complex terrain, you need to honk your horn to communicate with other vehicles and inform them of their location and status.

This still applies today.

What was the earliest horn like

In the early days, the horn was not controlled by current as it is now, but was traditionally emitted by air flowing through the pipeline

The sound is like a traditional wind instrument.

A flexible air bag is used to connect a curved pipeline. When the air bag is squeezed by hand, the air flows through the pipeline quickly.

Make a resonant sound.

The sound is amplified through the sound reinforcement design at the end, which is basically consistent with the familiar instruments such as the horn.


Later, people found that it was too troublesome and unsafe to always squeeze the airbag by hand, so they have come up with an improvement plan: make a sound by the air flow from the car exhaust.

They divided the automobile exhaust pipe into two pipes, one of which was designed with a manual valve in the middle.

When the valve is opened, the exhaust gas will flow through the pipe of the horn and make a sound.

In this way, the usability of the horn is greatly increased. At least, you don’t need to reach out to sound the airbag of the horn.

Later, people began to use electrically driven horns to drive the diaphragm to make sound.

Both the loudness of the sound and the response speed of the horn have been greatly improved compared with the traditional pneumatic horn.


What kind of horn is popular now?

Today, the car horn has become a diversified emotional existence, regardless of you can express your respect or anger through the loudspeaker.

When a car makes way for you in a friendly way, you can express your thanks by honking the horn.

Of course, if a car blocks your direction, you can also sound the horn to remind the other party.

The horn, not only becomes your safety guardian, but more importantly, it also shows.

The personality of different car owners. What kind of loudspeaker is your first choice today?

The answer is of course — snail horn!

Post time: Oct-19-2022