Glorious moment! Osun won the grand prize of “Satisfied Brand of Kasf Repair Factory”

The Second China (Hangzhou) International Automobile Aftermarket Industry West Lake Summit and the Second China Kasef Annual Award Ceremony in 2019 were grandly held at the Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel beside the beautiful West Lake on August 17-18. More than 1000 domestic and foreign elites, including industry associations, brand enterprises, industry representatives and mainstream media, attended the event to create a cohesive force for promoting the ecological integration and prosperity of the domestic automotive aftermarket industry.


Osun was invited to attend the ceremony and won the”Automobile repair factory satisfaction brand award”

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Osun won the award of “2019 Kasf Award for Auto Parts Brand, the Automobile Repair Factory Satisfaction Brand Award”


The “Casf Award” is an important and valuable award in the automotive aftermarket industry. It was jointly launched by the Automobile Industry Association and the Organizing Committee of the West Lake Summit, aiming to reward and commend practitioners who have made outstanding contributions to the field of car safety! The organizing committee of the conference, through market research, association recommendation, manufacturer recommendation and other ways, conducts a fair and fair evaluation and review of the automobile aftermarket enterprises that are honest, trustworthy, operate in a standardized manner and provide professional services, and gives awards. Each winner is an excellent brand benchmark in the eyes of industry insiders.

The West Lake Summit has become an annual event that attracts much attention in the automotive aftermarket. It has attracted many famous enterprises such as Alibaba, JD, Philips, representatives of the China Automobile Industry Association, representatives of the China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association, and national outstanding figures from the United States to participate in exchanges, which has a great impact on the industry.

At this conference, 200+domestic and foreign mainstream parts brands, 300+wear parts auto parts chains, 200+model parts mainstream auto parts manufacturers, 250+auto repair chain enterprises, and 200 industry related people, including Europhone, focused on the theme of “new ecology and new integration”, discussed the new ecological development of the automotive aftermarket, looked for ways of integration between new ecosystems, and saw the opportunities for industry development.



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Post time: Oct-19-2022