• 2023 Automechanika Shanghai – Shenzhen Special Exhibition

    2023 Automechanika Shanghai – Shenzhen Special Exhibition

    From February 15 to 18, Automechanika Shanghai (i.e. “Shanghai International Auto Parts, Maintenance, Detection and Diagnostic Equipment and Service Supplies Exhibition”) – Shenzhen Special Exhibition was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, which is ...
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  • Do you know Car Horn’ s histroy?

    There is such a part on the car. It can save lives, express emotions, and of course it can also wake up your neighbour in mid-night. Although this small part rarely becomes the reference condition for people to buy a car, it is the earliest in the development of automobiles. One of the parts tha...
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  • What is a good horn?

    The horn is very important to protect your safety at critical times! It can serve as a warning and warning at critical moments. How can I tell the difference between honking and honking? High appearance is very important! A good horn must be of excellent workmanship, high appearance and temperame...
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  • Glorious moment! Osun won the grand prize of “Satisfied Brand of Kasf Repair Factory”

    The Second China (Hangzhou) International Automobile Aftermarket Industry West Lake Summit and the Second China Kasef Annual Award Ceremony in 2019 were grandly held at the Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel beside the beautiful West Lake on August 17-18. More than 1000 domestic and foreign elites, including i...
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