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  • Function of Car Horn

    Function of Car Horn

    Car horn is an important device on a vehicle that emits sound to convey information during vehicle operation. Generally, the functions of a car horn include the following: Firstly, to alert other vehicles and pedestrians. During the driving process, there are times when we need to alert the vehic...
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  • Do you know Car Horn’ s histroy?

    There is such a part on the car. It can save lives, express emotions, and of course it can also wake up your neighbour in mid-night. Although this small part rarely becomes the reference condition for people to buy a car, it is the earliest in the development of automobiles. One of the parts tha...
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  • What is a good horn?

    The horn is very important to protect your safety at critical times! It can serve as a warning and warning at critical moments. How can I tell the difference between honking and honking? High appearance is very important! A good horn must be of excellent workmanship, high appearance and temperame...
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