What is a good horn?

The horn is very important to protect your safety at critical times!

It can serve as a warning and warning at critical moments.

How can I tell the difference between honking and honking?

High appearance is very important!

A good horn must be of excellent workmanship, high appearance and temperament. On the contrary, it is of rough workmanship, flash and burr… slovenly and untidy.

The appearance details and packaging design of a good horn can reflect the manufacturer’s attention to the horn and its control over fine manufacturing. You want to know how good a factory can expect its internal key parts to be if it is perfunctory with its appearance.


Good sound is very important!

The sound of horns must be pure harmonious, pleasant and powerful.

The horn that can produce pure and pleasant sound is the one with the most reasonable structure and optimized components. It is the most basic requirement of the horn factory that the sound of the horn can sound normally. Only when each pair of horns produced is pleasant, can it best reflect the technical design level and production level of the manufacturer.


Loud is import!

The role of the horn is to sound in emergency or special road sections to serve as a warning and warning to protect driving safety.

A good horn, the most rigid demand, must be very loud! How can we keep silent at the critical moment?


Be adaptable!

A good horn should not choose the car, climate or environment. It can perform well no matter what car it is installed in or where it is used!

No car picking: new cars or old cars, luxury cars or economical cars, car batteries are not strong enough… good horns can work normally.

Regardless of climate: no matter in the midsummer of the tropical rainforest or in the cold winter of Siberia, a good horn should be able to play a role.

Regardless of environment: no matter in low-lying basin or plateau negative pressure environment, good trumpet can perform well.


Security, stability and consistency are important!

he horn manufacturer is not capable of producing a good pair of horns. It is really capable of producing every good pair of horns!

Car owners do not need to gamble on their personal values when buying and installing horns. Every pair of factory horns should be excellent.

The method to quickly judge the consistency: randomly select several pairs of horns of the same manufacturer and style, and listen to whether their sound size (sound level) is consistent, whether their sound height (frequency) is the same, and whether their sound is pure without noise. Listen with your ears and experience with your heart. If you can’t tell the difference between these pairs of horns, the production of this brand of horns is very consistent, and you don’t need to gamble on character when you buy them. If you can clearly distinguish the difference in the sound of the horns, you must be full of personal value before purchasing the horns of this brand.


The life of the horn is very important!

The horn is a vehicle safety configuration used in emergency and special road sections to ensure safety at critical moments.The extra long service life of the European horn is more than 150000 times, which can save you worry and reassure you that the chain will not fall at a critical moment.

A good horn should make the car owner pleasant, comfortable, safe, and relieved!

Osun, it’s just such a horn!

Post time: Oct-19-2022